Electronic Hotel Lock stainless steel DZ-K50-J in Bahrain
Electronic Hotel Lock stainless steel DZ-K50-J in Bahrain
March 3, 2018
March 10, 2018


About Security Cameras in Bahrain

Security cameras or (CCTV) nowadays is one of the most valuable creations and one of the most important inventions in our life.

Unfortunately, according to the events, actions, and circumstances that happen every day and every moment around us, we won’t be able to cover or to know what is happening for our loved ones, or what is going on to our privacies but of course, during the time of our absence or while we are away somewhere. So Security cameras or (CCTV) are playing a major role to help us in such these things to keep us safe and secure.

Security cameras considered to be and electronic tool or electronic device that can record the people’s activities and motions to reduce or to prevent crimes and suspicious deeds that might be done haters or criminals.

Security cameras or (CCTV) helps us to watch and to monitor our families and loved ones from being in danger, as these cameras can help to keep us safe and secured even if we are far away of our homes. Also there are many other uses of security cameras like monitoring the employees or staff members during their work to make sure that the work cycle is running correctly and in the right way, and to keep the standard measurements of quality in a safe position.

We can use security cameras or (CCTV) to help the IT technicians of doing their jobs and tasks via remote control function; even they can speak to each other during the time of process. So, that is one of the easiest and simplest ways used by security cameras and to achieve the jobs from a place to another at the same time with the existence of the distance between the two sides.

Ø  What are the places that we can use security cameras in?

Security cameras or (CCTV) can be used in several different places and organizations like:

  1. Security cameras can be used for protecting homes and businesses.
  2. They can be used in marketplaces or commercial stores to stop theft and robbery cases.
  3. They can be used in open areas and wide locations to reduce or to stop crimes that might happen.
  4. We can use security cameras in schools to guarantee the children, students, and school teachers and members of being safe and secured.
  5. Security cameras can be used in big companies and large factories especially the factories that contain flammable materials in case of something dangerous happened.
  6. They can be installed in streets, roads, and highways to analyze and to monitor the motion of cars and transportations traffic if there is crowding that needs to be resolved.
  7. Security cameras are benefited for gaining evidences and these cameras can arrive at the right time and right decisions.

Ø  The types of security cameras

There are different kinds of security cameras as follow:

  1. IP Security Cameras
  2. a) Indoor IP Cameras
  3. b) Outdoor IP Cameras
  4. c) PTZ IP Cameras
  5. d) Thermal Cameras
  6. HD CCTV Security Cameras
  7. a) Indoor HD-CCTV Cameras
  8. b) Outdoor HD CCTV Cameras
  9. c) PTZ HD CCTV Cameras


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