Electronic Hotel Lock stainless steel DZ-7001J in BahrainElectronic Hotel Lock stainless steel DZ-7001J in Bahrain
Electronic Hotel Lock stainless steel DZ-6008D in Bahrain
March 3, 2018
March 10, 2018

Electronic Hotel Lock stainless steel DZ-K50-J in Bahrain

About Electronic Hotel Locks


Technology Valley is presenting smart electronic hotel locks which described to be full secured, easy and simple installation, technicians do not have to provide wiring network to install them, as these locks can provide the easiest and simplest solution for a network locking. In addition of providing variety of designs and colors.


Electronic hotel locks present the best system of hospitality management that definitely makes the guests satisfied and convinced with the hotels services. Electronic hotel locks are providing the best high standards of relaxation, simplicity, easiness of control advantages which can be unique and ideal options as well.


Electronic hotel locks guarantee legal full security against suspended intruders and strangers. As we can use the electronic hotel locks in hotels we can also use them inside our houses, they can be companies, factories, offices, and etc. These locks are supported by programming software which enables the users to have full control and easy checking about visitors who are coming in and out of the property or company as they can be adjusted by dates and times to provide a database about visitors during the whole day.


Electronic hotel locks can be connected to televisions and they can be supported by alarms to notify the responsible about attendees.


There are many different types of electronic hotel locks like: electronic hotel locks that are working by magnetic or electronic smart cards, electronic hotel locks that are working by security passwords, also there are electronic hotel locks that can be worked by fingerprints.

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    what’s the price ?

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    Excellent company and wonderful products

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    I need five communication and thanks

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