Walk through metal detector in Bahrain DZSS-800 8 Zone
Walk through metal detector in Bahrain DZSS-800 8 Zone
February 4, 2018
walk through metal detector in Bahrain DZSS-2400
walk through metal detector in Bahrain DZSS-2400
February 7, 2018

walk through metal detector in Bahrain DZMD-1800 (18 zones)

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walk through metal detector in Bahrain DZSS-1800

DZSS-1800 walkthrough metal detector

DZMD-1800 (18 zones) arched walkthrough metal detector, WTMD, DFMD, doorframe metal detector gate

Feature of Product

Digital pulse technology, good sensitivity and high stability
Featured shielding design, anti-interference ability
Modular design, easy installation and maintenance
LCD liquid crystal display panel
10 applications programs adjustable


Government agencies, public transport, events, stations, terminals, stadiums, shopping malls, electronics factory, hardware factory, jewelry factory, entertainment, etc.

Functional Description

POST function, fault content will automatically prompt the system fails
Multi-language menu, Chinese, English, Russian, Turkish, Polish optional, customized accepted
LCD display, infrared remote control, nice, easy to operate
Detecting area: precisely according to need to set the alarm 6 zone, 12 zones and 18 districts
Automatic counting function, real-time statistics and alarm by the number of times
Alarm: sound and light alarm simultaneously, three kinds of adjustable pitch
Dual Column indicator shows you exactly where the object location area
Signal strength indicator: metal, the stronger the signal, to provide a reference for judging the size of the metal.
High sensitivity: the one-dollar coins to factory standard, the maximum detectable paperclip
Adjustable sensitivity: 256 adjustable sensitivity, alarm conditions can be set for a specific metal objects such as cell phones, jewelry, etc.
10 applications programs, enabling customers to quickly set up detection requirements
Dual password management, allowing only authorized personnel to operate, to prevent misuse and parameter changes
Frequency: it can be automatically adjusted according to changes in the environment appropriate frequency, good anti-jamming
Easy to install: integrated design, installation quick and easy
Safety performance: for those who wear pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic media such as sound
Acceptance of product customization, external access gates, video cameras (optional)
Power endurance function, an external UPS power supply, can work for 4-8 hours with the power off (optional)

Technical Parameters

Power: AC100-220V
Working environment: -25 ℃ -55 ℃
Frequency: 50HZ
Power: P≤30W
Machine Weight: about 53KG
Channel dimensions: 2000mm (height) * 710mm (width) * 300mm (D)
Dimensions: 2240mm (height) * 990mm (width) * 300mm (D)

Package: 2290 *430 *360 (door panels), 760*320*270 (controller box), G.W.: 53kg


Introduction of arched walkthrough metal detector / doorframe metal detector gate / WTMD / DFMD

Metal detector gate (Metal detection door) is a detection device for detecting metal objects carried by personnel walking through the detector gate. Walkthrough metal detector security doors are mainly used in 1) public places: including sports, entertainment (disco, dance halls, etc.), airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports, galleries, museums, banks, oil depots, power stations, conferences and other populated large public places for people to hide the body to check metal items such as guns, knives and other. 2) government departments include: police, prosecution, courts tribunals, prisons, detention centers, labor camps, drug rehabilitation and so on. 3) manufacturing companies: including electronic (such as: hard drives, mobile phones, MP3, through translation, voice recorder, electronic devices etc.), wire and cable, electrical appliances, gold and silver jewelry, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, ink cartridges, mining, metal products, electroplating, pressure casting, plumbing equipment, precious metals (copper, aluminum, etc.) and processing and other related industries.


2 reviews for walk through metal detector in Bahrain DZMD-1800 (18 zones)

  1. salah

    Do you have Turkish gates?

  2. Jesse

    thank you

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