walk through metal detector in Bahrain DZSS-600C
walk through metal detector in Bahrain DZMD-600C 6 Zone
February 4, 2018
Walk through metal detector in Bahrain DZSS-800 8 Zone
Walk through metal detector in Bahrain DZSS-800 8 Zone
February 4, 2018

Working environment

  1. environment temperature: -20 to 45℃(non-condensing)
  2. Storage Temperature: -20 to+60℃(non-condensing)
  3. Humidity: 20% to 95%
  4. the installation site as far as possible from power line and communication cable
  5. door around 2 meters there should be no large pieces of metal and a strong magnetic field
  6. suitable for indoor use, if indeed you installed in the outdoor, should be attached to the canopy such as rain and sun protection facilities

Technical characteristics

  1. module of the application and various settings are used in digital signal control
  2. according to the sample automatically adjust the sensitivity.
  3. with LED on both sides of the diffusion alarm mode, it can distinguish metal size
  4. the strength of the indicator can automatically check the magnetic field around the environment
  5. 7-inch large LCD color screen, and graphic operation interface

Technical parameters

Input power supply: AC85~264V/50Hz.

Standby power consumption:≦10W, ultra-low power consumption, low radiation.

Frequency: 100-band, power adaptation.

Working environment: -20℃ — +45℃。

System detection: when turned on, detecting whether the system is faulty.

Partition function: 6/12/18 detection areas can be freely divided, to accurately determine the metal items of the location.

To adjust the sensitivity range: the sensitivity of both 1000-level adjustable, 0-999 level

Alarm function: sound and light alarm at the same time, and can record the alarm number 99999 times

Alarm query: can be according to the date and time to search the alarm recording and the indicator display each alarm location information

Anti-interference: digital circuit design, leak-proof packet, the infrared anti-interference, anti-external interference ability.

The application of occasions: high school, low sensitivity to adapt to all the security options and quick debugging.

Back-up power supply(option function):the battery power is not less than 8 hours.

Sensitivity adaptive: according to the human body comes with metal through the security gate to identify the sensitivity

Identifying features: use LED lights on both sides of the diffusion display mode to inform the security personnel metal items size.

Fixed ID: each product has a fixed ID number.

Multi-language display: you can select the appropriate language according to need.

Million years calendar: displays year, month, day, hour, min.

Manage encryption: to prevent data from being illegally modified or misuse causes the product to work abnormally



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